Menetha Alston Senior Accountant
Julius Barnes Distribution Coordinator
Kimberly Bauer Director, Design & Construction
Jerry Bell Distribution Coordinator
Yvonne Bell Director
Attlee Billings Procurement Specialist II
Trennye T. Blackburn Assistant Manager
Hilary Boylen Senior Accountant
Melissa Brennaman Senior Business Analyst, Spectrum
Corey Brown Accountant III
Carl Bullard AccountantII
Long Chen Technical Staff
Brenda Chisholm Sr. Administrative Coordinator
Catrice Clark Director
Regina Cody Cashiering Manager
Connie Sampson, MS Associate Vice President for University Police
Jeff Cundiff Manager
Razak Danmola Accountant II
Michael Davidson Director, Business Services
Michael Davis Accountant III
Kusum Dhamala Accountant III
Jaline Dixon Cash Manager
Jaline Dixon Cash Manager
Delores Dobbs Accountant III
Kaylee Doyle Procurement Specialist I
Zabrina Drake P'Card Administrator
Patrick Dukes Director, Admininstrative Services
Frankie Dumas Sr. Administrative Coordinator, Business Services
Jeresa Ellison Sr. Accounting Assistant
Denise Floyd Director, Budget and Planning
Mary Franklin Assistant Director, Business Operations
Roderick Franklin Inventory Supervisor/Facilities Maintenance Stockroom
Bob Godwin Senior Business Analyst, Spectrum
Kia Graves Business Analyst, Spectrum
Michael Gray Accounting Manager
James Greenwell Enterprise Risk Analyst
Roetta Harris Accounting Manager
Christopher Hawkins Sr. P'Card Administrator
Courtney Hill-Ward Budget Analyst II
Joselita Hizon Technical Staff ,
Sum Mei Ho Accountant II
Rodney Holden Procurement Specialist II
Luvert Holt Director, Renovations
Elisha Howell Senior Accountant
Ivan Ivanov Tax Accountant
Sonya James Procurement Specialist II
Alvena Jefferson Assistant Manager
Khadijah Jenkins Sr. Accounting Assistant
Bobb Johns Accountant I
Pam Jones Inventory Control Specialist
Elizabeth Jones, MBA, Ed. D Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration
Rosalyn Jordan Accountant I
Shibu Joys Director, Financial Systems
Dave Lakly Enterprise Risk Analyst
Mark Mayfield Information Systems Specialist
William McCullum, BSEE, MSEE Associate Vice President for Facilities Management Services
Davy McDonald Technology Manager
Joseph Menasie Inventory Supervisor
Karmen Milton Assistant Director, Business Services
Abdul Momen Director, Maintenance and Operations
Harrice Moore Assistant Director, Business Services
Simpson Morgan Budget Analyst III
Matthew Morrison Director - Enterprise Risk Management
Linda Nelson, MS Assistant Vice President for Human Resources and Opportunity Development
Trang Nguyen Accountant II
Catanja Nichols Budget Analyst II
Ouyang, Cheng-Yu Business Analyst, Spectrum
Vanessa Prieto Pardo Information Systems Specialist, Lead
Jean Pearson, CAPP Director, Disbursements
Jerry Rackliffe, CPA, MBA, JD. Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration
Ron Reddish Technical Staff
Wayne Reed, MSM Assistant Vice President for Auxiliary and Support Services
Mary J P Renfroe Rehired Retiree, Professional
Russell Seagren Director, Planning
Lythenia Simmons Sr. Administrative Coordinator
Jerry Simpson Inventory Control Specialist
Eugene Smith Accountant II
Bruce Spratt Associate Vice President
Karen Stark Senior Administrative Coordinator
William Stroud Inventory Control Specialist
Andrey Svinyin Business Analyst, Spectrum
Kendria Swift Accountant II
Sonia L. Tharpe Administrative Coordinator, Business Services
LaTarsha Thomas Accountant II
Shirl Trawick Accountant III
Ramesh Vakamudi Associate Vice President
Amber E. White Accountant I
Jonathan S. Williams Accountant III