Commodity to Buyer Cross Reference

Commodity Buyer
Audio/Visual Equipment and Supplies Attlee Billings
Building Maintenance Rodney Holden
Building Supplies Sonya James
Bus Charters Attlee Billings
Computer Equipment Sonya James
Computer Peripherals Sonya James
Computer Software Sonya James
Consultant Michael Davidson
Construction Rodney Holden
Copiers Kaylee Doyle
Elevator Maintenance Rodney Holden
Fax Machines Kaylee Doyle
Furniture Kaylee Doyle
Gas Cards Harrice Moore
Grounds Maintenance Contracts Attlee Billings
HVAC Rodney Holden
Industrial Supplies Sonya James
Janitorial Equipment and Supplies Sonya James
Laboratory Equipment and Supplies Attlee Billings
Maintenance Contracts (equipment and hardware) Attlee Billings
Maintenance Contracts (software licenses) Sonya James
Medical Equipment and Supplies Kaylee Doyle
Miscellaneous Supplies Attlee Billings
Office Supplies Sonya James
Police Equipment and Supplies Attlee Billings
Printers Kaylee Doyle
Printing Attlee Billings
Projectors Sonya James
Public Works Projects Rodney Holden
Office Furniture Kaylee Doyle
Renovation Materials Rodney Holden
Research Equipment and Supplies Attlee Billings
Scientific Equipment and Supplies Attlee Billings
Travel Trennye Blackburn
Uniforms Attlee Billings
Vehicle Maintenance Harrice Moore
Vehicle Purchase Attlee Billings