Spectrum+ Training

The Spectrum Office is a department in the Finance and Administration division which supports users in the Spectrum Plus System (PeopleSoft Financials), Panther Mart and ADP Products. We provide instructor-led (hands-on) training, open classroom support training, and on-line training documentation on how to use the administrative systems we support. These training workshops teach employees how to perform tasks in the Financials System, Panther Mart and ADP. Some of these tasks include procuring goods and services, processing travel and consultant payments, paying invoices, journal entry processing, inquiring on budgets and transaction statuses, maintaining eTime and entering ePAF’s. Our primary goals for training are:

1) to train new employees who will use these systems;
2) to train existing employees who would like a refresher course; and
3) to train existing employees who transfer to a new position who will use these systems.

Instructor-led training is generally held on a bi-monthly basis.   When new systems are initially being implemented, we offer classes with more frequency.

Our Open Classroom Support Labs assist new employees who have not yet attended instructor-led training and need help with specific job tasks. This lab is also offered to existing employees who need a refresher on a specific related job task. Employees are encouraged to bring their work with them to lab. Please refer to our Course Registration site for dates and times of these open classroom support labs.