Spectrum User Group

Users of the Spectrum Financial System formed the Spectrum User Group to:

  1. Discuss issues related to their departments
  2. Network with other users to exchange ideas, tips & techniques and
  3. Share valuable lessons learned using the Spectrum Financials System.

What are the benefits of participating in the Spectrum User Group Meeting?
By participating, you will:

  • Learn Spectrum user best practices
  • Have an opportunity to ask questions, express concerns and have Spectrum experts respond
  • Take away practical tools, skills, and knowledge to empower you to excel in your job

Who Should Attend?
Users whose skills range from a new user to experts of the system can attend these meetings. The Spectrum Office prefers that a representative or representatives from a department, college, unit and/or division attend. This individual would be responsible for informing and keeping their department, college, unit and/or division abreast of any changes that affect users and to voice any problems, concerns or issues their area may have.

What is the Spectrum User Group Panel?
The Spectrum User Group Panel consists of one or more representatives from the Spectrum Office, Purchasing, Financial Operations, Accounting Services, and Revenue and Receivables. This panel is available to answer questions related to their respective areas—Spectrum User Access, Spectrum Workflow, Spectrum Training, Policies and Procedures related to Journals, DS&S, Agency Accounts, Vendor Maintenance, Purchasing Goods and/or Services, Petty Cash Reimbursements, University Deposits, Consultant Agreements, Travel, and Payments just to name a few.

Who do I Contact?
Please contact Melissa Brennaman, [email protected] if you have any questions about this meeting or would like to place any Spectrum issues you may have on the meeting agenda.

Spectrum User Group Meetings and Minutes